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If you read my bio, you know that one of my hobbies is writing. Collected here are some of the various things I've done over the years. Mostly I do science-fiction (although I enjoy doing feature articles for newspapers and such). I've tried from time to time to get some of my shorter works published but for some reason the big companies don't seem interested in my work. Guess its not brooding and overly self-involved enough. Or maybe there isn't enough women having sex with robots. Whatever, I've decided to let those who have the time be the judge. All of my writings are available on the Amazon Kindle platform and in regular paper form.


I've have written a couple of non-fiction books. These both started out as documentation for other work I was doing at the time. They slowly morphed into books of their own as they grew.


I have also written some fiction, both short stories and full length books. I did have the full versions here but learned that at least one person had used one of my stories as his own for a high school writing assignment. So to avoid this, only portions of my work are here.

If you would like to read any of these works, you can find them on Amazon in digital format and coming soon to Lulu in dead tree format.

A Comic Book

And since comics were a big hobby at one time, here's one attempt at writing one that was done just for fun.