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There really wasn't too much in the way of railroad influence for a kid growing up in Northwest Florida. Only one major railroad, the Louisville & Nashville, ran through that section of the state. However if you happened to live near them, there were a couple of short lines that could get a kids imagination going. One of these was the venerable Atlanta & St. Andrews Bay Railroad. Running from Panama City to Dothan, Alabama, this little railroad provided quite a lot to see. Its line runs parallel to a major U.S. highway and its shops are right across the street from the mall.

So it was no wonder that I took a liking to this short line. It also helps that even through successive owners and a name change, The Bay Line is still going strong over 100 years after its founding.

On this page you will find my collection of links, information and pictures regarding The Bay Line. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to drop me a line.


Some years back I started a project to collect information about The Bay Line as there really wasn't much out there past locomotive and rolling stock rosters. My effort grew such that I had enough to put together this online guide. The collection eventually grew and I finally wrote this book about the railroad.


Some samples from my collection of information can be found in the photo gallery in the online guide.


Genesee and Wyoming, the Bay Line's parent company (ASAB has no web site of its own).


Wanted: Bay Line photos, books, etc. E-mail me for more info.