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A while back I "discovered" a really interesting new way to travel: trains. It actually started in 1998 when I took the Eurostar from London's Waterloo station to Paris and back. What a great experience that was. Being without a car and relying on public transit was something altogether new, but after that trip I became convinced that train travel was the way to go.

Fast forward a couple of years and I found myself in need of transportation for a vacation I was planning. Since I had never experienced rail travel in America I thought this would be a good time. So my first trip, Omaha to Pensacola, became the genesis for this web page. How did it measure up to my trip on the Eurostar? Not good. But it was unique, a lot of fun and way better than driving or flying.

So presented here are my collections of travel notes from traveling on Amtrak that I like to call my Amtrak Adventures.

Trip Reports