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Florida Railroad Map - A map of Florida from the early-1940s showing the various railroads in the state. This is big file (536MB).

My Comic Book Collection - The Stuff I'm Keeping - The stuff from my collection that I'm keeping. See the link below for the stuff I'm willing to part with. (Apr 2019)

My Comic Book Collection - The Stuff For Sale - A list of the comic books that I would like to part with. Make an offer! (Apr 2019)

Panasonic DVD Reset Kungfu - The super-secret reset maneuver on my Panasonic DMP-BD75 kept me from junking it. (Dec 2012)

A Cheap Tablet - My review of the Polaroid PMID4311 4.3-inch Android tablet. (Dec 2012)

Civil War Battlefield Tour 2009 - A three day jaunt through the Eastern theater of the war. (July 2009)

Almost Famous - My quick 15 minutes as a news story on the local Air Force base's web site. (Sep 2007)

Higher Education in America is Broken - How to fix the big business that is the US college industry. (Jan 2006)

Timex TMX2 - An MP3 player review. (May 2004)

Lycoris Desktop LX - A Linux review. (Oct 2003)